Orbea Loki 27.5+, The Shapeshifter

In Norse mythology, Loki is a shape shifter who assumes multiple forms in different stories. With this foundation the Orbea Loki is a very different kind of bike. Rather than being deemed perfect for one style of rider Orbea claims that it’s the perfect fun bike for every trail rider out there.

Loki is a mountain bike that is friendly for new riders or even experienced riders who are tired of the beat down that a typical XC bike provides. Labeled as a PLUS-compatible bike, the Loki can easily be converted from 27.5 to 29 inch wheels. No longer are the days where you will need to invest in an entire collection of bikes. Loki is omnipotent – It’s a slack, fun 29er trail bike and it’s a 27+ bike that relishes new terrain. It’s a first bike or a latest bike.

Loki1 Loki4

Loki is omniscient. – This bike knows how you want to ride and puts the world in your hands and the backwoods under your tires. It’s light and rugged. Elegant and powerful, Logical and filled with passion. Loki is the shape shifter, and it’s available to any singletrack lover – including you.

Not just another aluminum BIKE

Orbea manipulate the shapes and wall-thickness of our aluminum tubing to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. Many of the tubes are butted to save weight in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.

Loki5 Loki6

Updated alloy tubing and shapes borrow technologies from our premier carbon Occam TR & AM models to make the best hydro formed aluminum frames available.

Larger diameters with more weld surface area yield increased stiffness without added weight.

More Unique Features

The ability to quickly adjust saddle height for trail conditions spawned the dropper post revolution, but is there simpler and more reliable solution? Dropper posts are certainly convenient but their price and need for maintenance makes the impractical for many trail riders. The patent-pending Orbea Digit Post makes it significantly quicker and easier to stop and adjust saddle height during a ride. The Digit Post and Clamp utilize a clever range limiting system so the upper seat height is quickly found by opening the cam and pulling. The post will stop at your own perfect pedaling position. A groove and adjustable block built into the post and clamp keep the saddle properly aligned in the plane of the bicycle.

The lever itself is smooth and easy to snap open and closed. By utilizing a mechanical cam instead of a friction interface, Digit provides the smoothest-feeling quick release lever available”

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