Olloclip Telephoto Plus Wide Angle with Macro Lens Review

With the significant camera changes from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 and the continuous rise of social media nearly every creative mind has become a self-proclaimed “photographer”. In this new era of creative masterminds olloclip has come to the rescue with a new and improved line of lenses. Wanting to put our skills to the test we set out to the coastline with their new telephoto with polarizing lens and wide-angle option. This user friendly kit comes with the lens housing, fixed telephoto option, wide-angle that is removable for macro photos and a polarizing cover intense light. You also receive a simple slide in adapter for IPhone 6 or 6+ and small storage containers to keep your lenses safe. If you ask us this is a very convenient yet powerful tool.  The bottom left setup shoes the olloclip on the 6 Plus while the bottom right shows the standard 6. 


The 2X telephoto lens on the olloclip is very straightforward and easy to use as a point and shoot option. This 58mm lens equivalent is much more effective as a zoom perspective than the stock lens on the iPhone 6, which is around 29mm. What’s different about the telephoto lens is that it’s fixed rather than adjustable like a traditional digital camera. 


 If you are like me than you purposely stay away from your iPhone zoom option as its distortion or pixilation is incredibly noticeable and simply not acceptable for Instagram. With this telephoto option we have changed our tendencies and are no longer afraid to shoot subjects at a distance. Most noticeably you will see that the olloclip increases the amount of detail in your image from the center outward rather than stretching the image.




Although the magnification is much sharper than the stock camera lens it’s by no means perfect. As an outdoor enthusiast I truly enjoy photographing my trips while having to carry the least amount of gear as possible. Unfortunately we can’t confidently say that this lens system can replace any of the cameras in our arsenal.  Even with the estimated 58mm lens equivalent the outer edges of the resulting images are blurry even in the best of light. We spent a few days shooting different subjects in order to test the difference in clarity and focus of the lens. Since the olloclip produces a much more detailed center it naturally leaves more to be desired in the rest of the image. To help alleviate this we found that it’s important to really use the subject of your image as the focal point. With a digital camera you can get away with using unique angles or offsetting the main focal point of your image but we don’t recommend using these tactics with this telephoto lens. Instead, choose your focal points and use the lens in well light environments to ensure that you take a crisp and clear image. Once you get down these basics you will be pleased with the telephoto feature.


Given that we found the telephoto lens to be most useful in well light environments it’s only fitting that this olloclip comes with a polarizing lens cover. This simple and ultra-flat cover helps to greatly reduce glare. It’s most effective when shooting images with highly reflective objects like glass, shades or even interior lighting scenarios. The polarizing cover fits directly over the telephoto lens and comes with an adapter for the wide angle lens as well.


Speaking of wide angle, the opposite end of this telephoto olloclip comes equipped with a very fun to use wide angle lens that can be unscrewed to reveal a 10x macro lens. The wide angle option in this bundle ended up being our favorite to use. We often crop our social media purposed photos to a 6:4 orientation which favors this point of view. You can see in our coastal palm tree image that by using this lens and toying with the camera orientation can result in a completely new viewpoint. For all of our selfie loving fans out there you will also enjoy this opportunity to take pics of yourself and friends while showing more of the environment around you.



If you aren’t looking to perfect your selfie technique and are looking to take close range photos with your IPhone you can simply unscrew the wide angle lens to reveal a macro lens option. This feature is most often used with food photography or unique perspectives that are up close in personal. This lens requires some time to adjust to as you have to have an incredibly steady hand or tripod to dial this feature in. Remember that once you unscrew the wide angle lens there aren’t many threads holding it on so it slides off easily. After using this lens for some time you quickly understand just how close you need to be to your object. Anything out of range will be out of focus leaving you with a dumbfounded look on your face. Trust us, your phone isn’t broken and the lens does work very well, just get closer. Within range the resulting images are crisp and very clear.

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