Off The Beaten Path In Skyforest

Skyforest, California

We poured the coffee from our drip maker at around 6 in the morning where it stood for some time as we loaded the car. An hour or so later we found ourselves at the base of the mountain with nearly 500 other vehicles that hoped to make the trek up the secondary highway in search of snow. Fast forward two hours and we finally arrived at our planned junction where we trekked another 45 minutes to reach a powder covered trail head that had been carved out by some previous off road wanderers. At this point I had ready downed my first two cups of steaming hot coffee. With the temperature dropping below 30 and lunch well behind us it was time to once again hit the caffeine. Only this time was different, we were now a few miles down a road that was so dense with snow and trees that most of the crowds weren’t even a distant noise. The snow falling from the thirty foot trees above were the only sight and sound around. It was at this moment that we had found our happy place. It was that winter wonderland that you dream of as a kid but only see on tv. We were here and we didn’t want to be anywhere else. Welcome to Skyforest.

The snow has been falling and the temperatures have been anything but normal. This is Southern California after all and back to back snow days simply don’t occur every year. Over the past week or so our local mountain range received a few feet of that extra fluffy white powder substance that brings so much joy to our faces. Quality snow is rare and when it fall as it did this past week there is no telling of what hoops we will jump through to get a taste of it. We could have easily waxed our boards and battled the crowds for a solid day of boarding but Instead we took to our four wheel drive vehicle and headed off of the beaten path to see just how much snow really fell in the area.

When you find yourself in such a breathtaking environment there really aren’t any words that can explain the internal peace you feel. In that moment only photos can aim to capture what you feel.

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