Northern Lights from a Drone

The Northern Lights continue to amaze humans year after year. No matter where you view the event, it stimulates a portion of the brand that can’t be reached in every day life. Many travelers have come to terms with the beauty of Iceland, and yet it continues to give us reasons to place it as the top spot on our adventure bucket list. From cycling to hiking and kayaking, this ultimate adventure destination offers so man other worldly experiences that it can be difficult to contain our enthusiasm. Thus latest drone footage from OZZO Photography Exploring the Northern Lights in Iceland with a Drone, flying over epic landscape in Reykjanes Peninsula definitely makes our wanderlust that much more intense.

Gear Used

Matrice 600
Camera: Sony A7sii
Lens: Sigma 20mm 1.4

Music: “The Spectacular Quiet” by Lights & Motion
By Arrangement with Deep Elm Records (
More music by Lights & Motion:

Location: Reykjanes Iceland

Filmed by: OZZO Photography

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