Native Flatirons Review: For The Modern Adventure Seeker

Native Eyewear Flatirons Review-

Here’s a piece of eyewear that is really more than meets the eye… and makes whatever meets the eye a sepia tone daydream. The new brown lens is soft on the eyes and presents a classic look for all age groups. If these lenses ever become interchangeable we will be picking up every option possible.

The aesthetic is clean and the fit is gently snug. When you experience Native Flatirons for the first time, you’ll notice that there are cushions/ grips on the nose bridge and temple areas of the shades. This materials are called Cushinol™ combined with Mastoid Temple Grip™ and they perform incredibly well. Many brands use their own version of this but when wearing the Flatirons for extended periods of time you simply don’t feel the pressure points that other shades cause. We will always praise designs that implement tested technology such as this since it’s easy to market false claims these days in regards to soft contact points on outdoor capable shades.

We have been wearing the Flatiron from Native for over a year now as we first tested a pair of the Graphite frame with the Green Reflex Lens. Ever since putting these on many months ago they are worn daily. The lens coverage is large enough to offer a large field of vision without looking too big on our face. The frames also stay out of the field of view presenting your eyes with more clarity and comfort. This new Stout Fade with Brown Lens offers the very same dynamic lens that has been completely impact resistant over the year as well as protected our eyes during the brightest days across Southern California as well as the Arizona Desert.

Native Eyewear Flatirons Review-

The lenses incorporate N3 Polarized technology that blocks up to 4x more UV rays than regular polarized lenses. If you don’t already know, wearing non-polarized shades on a sunny day is one of the easiest ways to damage your eyes because it causes your pupils to open allowing more harmful UV rays in. We understand that it can be difficult to find the perfect fitting shades that you WANT to wear around the clock. If you are looking to stay trendy with the flat-brow look but need a performance oriented frame and lens package than the Flatiron may work well for your needs. With this design, performance and style have bridged a gap that the true outdoor community will appreciate.

Native Eyewear Flatirons Review-

As we have covered, this design is worth more than just classic style. The frames are tough. You can toss a frisbee, build your basecamp or even ride with them. We originally spoke with their marketing team to better understand what scratch resistant lenses entailed. Native remained confident that their product testing covered rigorous activities that would normally demolish a lens to ensure top quality for their customers. At this point we can back up their claims as we have been anything but gently with Flatirons.

Native Eyewear Flatirons Review-

All Native Eyewear is backed by a lifetime warranty so you really don’t have to worry about failure issues being stuck with a broken pair of shades. If your heart beats for the outdoors but your daily life is trapped in an urban environment then the Flatirons are for you.

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