Motionize Paddle Tech For 2016

Motionize kayak

Launched last week at “Canoecopia” (world’s largest paddling expo) after 4 years in R&D, Motionize ( is a virtual coach for kayakers that analyzes every paddling motion while providing instant corrective feedback on technique (via visual and audio displays). Using multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms, Motionize tracks everything from stroke length, distance per stroke, speed/pace, paddle depth, and a whole lot more (the video on the website gives a really cool overview).

Three components make up the system:

  1. A dashboard mount with a waterproof case for your smartphone
  2. multiple paddle sensors
  3. an app to display, track, and monitor activity.

Motionize has been endorsed by rowing pros like Olympic gold medalist Greg Barton and Team USA member Maggie Hogan. The company claims the technology has been proven to increase speeds up to 4x for amateur kayakers and up to 6x for professionals.

With very few offerings similar to this on the market you finally have the opportunity to learn a tour own pace!

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