Modern Retro Nose Rider

Lets face it times are changing. For surfers and specifically those who enjoy boards of a longer variety these times are heading back to the good old days when boards were simple yet smooth. One board that utilizes a simple shape with modern touches and embodies the surfing days of the 60’s is the 10’0” Modern Retro longboard.

On any given Sunday you will usually find us at a local break enjoying what we hope is a relaxing yet fulfilling surf sesh with friends. Last week one of our gear testers brought along his brand new Retro 10’0” to take on the 2-3 foot swells and 70 degree water temps. At 10’0” it’s hard to miss this well colored boards appearance but with it’s even more impressive finish and shape we all wanted to check out it’s performance.

This modern retro longboard is polyester and PU construction that uses a CNC milled inner core shaped from the original shapers files. The core is then laminated with Hexcel fiberglass, Bennett foam and finally Silmar resin that help give it a unique appearance. These processes create a perfectly smooth contour and responsive flex under your feet, which can be lost in many epoxy longboards.


Board Specs:

Length: 10’0”

Width: 24 1/4”

Thickness: 3 3/8”

Volume: 93.9 ltr

Fins: 9″ Center

Upon first paddle it was evident that this retro was meant to glide through the water. Even with its heavier weight our rider cruised through the shoreline throwing a quick turtle roll into the routine to test it’s protection abilities like a roof over your head. Since this board is designed for waves 4 feet and under you shouldn’t have to perform this roll very often. It’s also important to talk about the double vee to concave shape and smooth 60/40 rails that make this retro a nose-riding machine.


With it’s length and concave under the nose this board experiences lift on even the smallest waves. Our rider of choice for this test stands 6’1” and weighed in at just under 200lbs and he never had any issues with keeping the nose flat above the water even when moving forward on the board. We don’t like to think of ourselves as having nose-riding prowess yet the modern retro proved to enhance our abilities. When trimming down the line you feel a sense of stability and control that begs you to start stepping forwards.

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