Think-Eleven, a San Diego based business development and consulting agency and IC12, an electronics and product design firm, announced the launch of its joint Kickstarter campaign for the Lume Cube. Controlled via a wireless Bluetooth-enabled app, the Lume Cube is a powerful and ultra-portable lighting tool that will open new creative possibilities for photographers and videoagraphers of any skill level looking to get the most out of their smartphone cameras, action cams and more traditional digital cameras. An array of backer packages are available starting at $59, and the Kickstarter campaign page can be found at:


The Lume Cube is a compact and versatile light source making both stills and video captures possible at night for smartphones and sport-cams. Measuring only one-and-a-half inches, the water resistant Lume Cube produces 1,500 lumens of light in either video mode, for a continuous light source, or flash mode for photos. Encased in a variety of colorful rubber shells the Lume Cube is water resistant and can magnetically attach or suction to just about any surface making this light-weight LED ready to deliver on just about any creative impulse.

In addition to this new level of portability, Lume Cube also simplifies its lighting controls with a proprietary wireless, Bluetooth-enabled app (available on both iOS and Android). Able to control up to five Lume Cubes simultaneously, the app was designed to be intuitive enough for the most novice smartphone shooter looking to add extra light to late night selfies, while offering enough fine control for experienced photographers to create images impossible to consider with traditional off-camera solutions. The app allows users to adjust the brightness, flash duration and red eye latency on each Lume Cube independently; and with its onboard optical sensor, Lume Cube can be configured as a slave unit to be fired by another external flash.

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