Limited Edition Fly Net From Western Rise

The Western Rise ​Animas Forks Net was developed with a hand-shaped, contoured handle. The shape has been engineered to fit perfectly in the hand to allow for maximum grip and comfort.

The net is sized at the perfect length between a wade net and a boat net, making it ideal for backcountry treks or early morning floats.

The premium white maple and walnut is emblazoned with our trademark logo at the neck, and finished at the end with an axe-inspired fawn foot and our signature touch of red. Each head is fitted with a clear rubber net. The Animas Forks Net is ready to accompany you whether you’re chasing big browns on the Colorado, or high country brookies or cutts.
Western Rise Fly Net NETS-9
  • The Specs:
  • Premium white maple and walnut
  • Hand shaped and contoured handle
  • Fawn foot
  • Custom painting
  • Runner net bag
  • Size:
  • Hand crafted in America
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item support Western Rivers Conservancy.

Western Rivers Conservancy protects outstanding river ecosystems throughout the western United States. We acquire land to conserve critical habitat, provide public access for compatible use and enjoyment, and cooperate with other agencies and organizations to secure the health of whole ecosystems.

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