Ireland by Bike with the Kona Sutra

Ireland by bike may be one of the most magical experiences on earth!

Away from the libations and revelry of Dublin on St Patrick’s day, departed from the crowds of tourists Kissing the Blarney Stone and waiting for a pint of Guinness straight from the source lies the quiet and picturesque backdrop of the Emerald Isle. A land that feels frozen in time with stone walls that checker the hillsides, dramatic cliffs, sheep running wild and single lane gravel “roads” that disappear over the rolling countryside.

For this installment of the Dew Files we sent our intrepid wanderer to Ireland with a fully loaded Sutra LTD to discover Ireland’s hidden gems, get his fill of po-tay-toes and share a couple pints with the locals on St Pat’s day. Just how much luck he managed to muster while exploring the shamrock covered landscape will be revealed on June 20th when Dew’s entire Irish adventure will be released.

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