Impeccable Catch & Release Skills by Peter Miller

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating fish in the sea, the sail fish can be rare to encounter for even the most experienced sport fishing fanatics. What is even more rare is to watch two of these creatures slowly consume a bait ball right in front of your very own eyes…. unless your Peter Miller.

Peter Miller, a nationally-renowned television host, producer, spokesperson, philanthropist, professional angler and world champion fisherman, most widely known for his Telly award winning television show, Bass 2 Billfish with Peter Miller, which appears weekly on NBC Sports and the World Fishing Network. An expert fisherman by trade, his lifelong passion for the ocean has garnered him multiple awards and sponsorship deals with leading outdoor and lifestyle brands, as well as the opportunity to appear alongside various celebrities, including Pitbull, Lebron James, and Ice Cube for philanthropic and promotional efforts. Originally from Tappan, New York, Miller has solidified his career on the shores and waters that have made Miami famous.

In this remarkable entertaining video Peter reminds us that we have the ability to fish responsibly and need to develop the proper skills to do so. Once these skills are perfected it’s truly amazing how well the sport of fishing can exist alongside conservation.

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