Hobie Woody & Naomi Polarized Sunglasses

When you live in Southern California you find yourself cruising often. Whether it’s on your bike, board and boat or in your car the Hobie Woody and Naomi shades are at home in the sun and on the move.  With more sunglass brands available today than ever before it can be considered a shot in the dark to find the absolute perfect pair for your lifestyle. There is no question that active individuals should have numerous pairs to accommodate different occasions. When we looked at our own lifestyles and outdoor activities we agreed that our geographic location plays the largest role in our purchasing habits and needs. Gorwing up in Southern California, we were no stranger to the Hobie name yet we undoubtedly overlooked their  eyewear for years to focus on more widely advertised brands with a long established “cool factor”. After wearing the Hobie Woody and Naomi sunglasses for the past few weeks we can agree that their eyewear line should never be overlooked again.

Since 1950, Hobie innovations have been changing the way we live, play and compete on the water. For Hobie Alter it all started with a big dream in a small garage. What followed was a new way of life in Southern California, and a new way of looking at our watery world. Hobie® Polarized sunglasses have become an integral part of connecting sport enthusiasts to the water by providing a better kind of vision: clearer, sharper and more precise. Hobie® Polarized is the only choice for active water sportsmen.



Feeding off this emphasis on heritage the Hobie Woody and Naomi Polarized sunglasses are a stellar choice for the casual beach goer as well as active outdoor enthusiast that has a need for style. The Woody model features a subtle tortoise frame with high quality hinges that don’t rattle or bend after repeated use. The woody can best be describes as a wide frame without the wide fit. For example I was drawn to the wide appearance of the lenses but have a relatively narrow face. These shades fit perfectly with almost no side-to-side sway at all. This is very uncommon and most modern wide frames that are also too large at the nose piece to fit snug enough for active outdoor adventures.  The women’s Naomi model features a similar frame with a slightly wider fit and is enhanced with a distinguishable nickel silver brow. The oversized look and added glamour proved to be a hit when cruising PCH. The Naomi has that highly desired vintage look with a more modern and comfortable feel.

The real secret sauce for Hobie can be found within their lenses. Again when holding the Woody and Naomi I was impressed with the feel and quality. The classic frame design also attracted me and my female counterpart to these models as their vintage beach theme is trending among many coastal communities at the moment. What I wasn’t prepared for was the superior lens technology that you don’t see advertised by Hobie.

From one big brand to another I come across super technical jargon and marketing campaigns that proclaim years of testing have finally created the next optical super shade. I have never seen this type of advertisement from Hobie and after wearing the Woody and testing the Naomi I am thinking they should tell the world that they have in fact created optical gold.


The shiny tortoise pair that we tested was paired with a copper polycarbonate polarized lens. Upon putting these shades on the world in front of me literally changed. This sounds cheesy but is an honest observation of my experience. To keep it simple this copper lens does a fantastic job of reducing glare while at the same time allowing for a heightened perception to color. As a result you see your surroundings with vibrant color and crystal clarity. You won’t want to take these off!

While the Woody is more distinguishable by its incredible lens features the Naomi focuses more on frame style and appearance. The Naomi that we tested incorporated the grey smoke lens with the ruby frame for an edgy look. As intended the grey lens doesn’t create the intense color perception but rather tints your view more evenly creating a very mellow and calm field of view. This form of tint allows for better vision in brighter more direct sunlight.


Whether you are looking for that attention to detail or long lasting quality in a classic form the Hobie Woody and Naomi polarized sunglasses are sure to change the way you see your surroundings.

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