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Salomon Sense Pro 2 Gearminded.com

Salomon recently introduced the Sense Pro 2 to better provide a bridge between protection and feel on both urban and dirt trails. They have built upon the original Sense Pro and enhanced this shoe with a more secure fit and slightly more cushioning. The result is a snug fitting performance trail runner that still feels minimal and will outlast most of its competitors. The best way to learn about these shoes is to understand how each feature can benefit your running.

LACE POCKET – Provides easy storage for the Quick Fit lacing system

Salomon has been using the Lace Pocket for many years now which should mean that it’s a beneficial feature to have. There is no question that this system has many advantages to classic laces as we run in shoes with both on a weekly basis. Laces bounce around and seem to slither their way untied resulting in repeated moments of frustration. The Lace Pocket proves that you don’t need to purchase extra straps or accessories to have a complete shoe. For new users they may seem a bit awkward up front and we recommend watching a quick video online to learn how to roll them up correctly. Once you have them tightened, rolled up and tucked away they sit on the tone of the shoe very well. They can be considered a bit awkward in bulk maybe but overall we don’t have issues with them and are fans of their long term convenience.

Salomon Sense Pro 2 Gearminded.com

OrthoLite® – sockliner combines a specific Ortholite® foam and an EVA heel cup. Ortholite® foam creates a cooler, drier, healthier, better cushioned environment under the foot. It will not break down or lose effectiveness over time. Recycled tire content to protect the environment. EVA heel cups allows for a better heel support and added cushioning.

This specific sock liner helps to keep your shoes functioning after many hard miles. The Sense Pro 2 is a more narrow shoe with minimalistic materials to provide maximum performance. This sock liner creates more responsiveness below the foot and does shoe in the form of a more premium material. This also aids in weight reduction and comfort.

Here are Gearminded we are always looking for brands that use recycled or repurposed materials in their performance line of gear. It goes to show you that we can all benefit from more sustainable practices and can always send our money in ways that benefit the environment while also satisfying our needs.

The predecessor of the Sense Pro 2 left many runner begging for more cushion. This upgraded liner and EVA heel cup serve just this purpose and do so without restricting your race day speed. In comparison to the older shoes this new structure definitely adds some more cushion in the heel. It’s not much for those who truly need the rebound feel to remain comfortable during their run but will satisfy most speed demons who want a natural feel and flex.

PROFEEL FILM – placed to provide protection from the trail

A protection feature such as this is a no brainer in our opinion. It’s virtually weightless and significantly extends the life of your shoes. After all we are running on trails with these shoes and while looking good is always important, the elects really don’t give a damn. This film helped deflect cuts and tears from our very first run and visually adds value in our eyes. You can look at it as an exterior insurance policy on your running expenditure.


Salomon Sense Pro 2 Women's - Gearminded.com

SENSIFIT™ – Sensifit system works to cradle the foot providing a precise and secure fit.

Salomon set out with a goal to design a shoe that better bridged the gap between protection and feel. We feel that they accomplished this well in comparison with the previous model. With that said it’s still a progressive performance minded shoe with lightweight trail features. In regards to Sensifit, we experienced a snug feel from heel to toe with enough toe box room for most feet. The Sense Pro 2 doesn’t leave any wiggle room in the mid-foot and heel which allows the shoe to flex in unison with your foot. This fit leaves the runner with a stellar feeling on the terrain below your foot but does sacrifice some overall ankle support. The mid-foot area however should be considered through physically trying a pair on yourself. In both the men’s and women’s shoe we felt excess pressure on the side and upper area of the arch. This included both a mid-wide and wide foot but may not be as noticeable in more narrow feet. I myself tend to have a very vulnerable arch and will continue to note if this has any lasting impact on my performance.

Midsole Height: 27mm/17mm with 6mm drop

Salomon Women's Running Shoes - Gearminded.com

QUICK DRYING BREATHABLE MESH – Single layer open air mesh combined with nylon layer allows extreme breathability and top abrasion resistance.

The Sense Pro 2 uses a very capable mesh to structure the top layer of the shoe. When wearing the shoe you can feel how flexible it is while also proving to reduce the overall weight of the shoe significantly. Given that this is a trail running shoe that excels on race day we were concerned that it might not prevent the elements from passing through it.

Most of our trails are extremely dusty and dry during the spring and summer proving a great testing ground for this concern. After multiple runs which left the shoes covered in dirt we surprisingly didn’t find much inside of the shoe. How Salomon has accomplished this is a mystery but we certainly appreciate it!

This mesh also incorporates a nylon to help disperse water for wet conditions. Although we don’t encounter these conditions too often many of our trails follow the coastline at times and this nylon mesh is a life saver in this environment. Soggy feet will instantly kill your momentum and with a proven sick drying time we are fans of this construction.

We should also add that all of the seems on this shoe are bonded rather than stitched or welded. This eliminates virtually any friction points that can wreak havoc on your skin. It may seem like a small feature but will absolutely make a difference in your immediate and long term comfort.

Salomon Sense Pro 2 Review Gearminded.com

Salomon Sense Pro 2 Review - Gearminded.com

ENDOFIT™ – an internal fit sleeve designed to hug the foot in exactly the right places and improve feedback and foot wrapping

In bridging the gap between protection and feel Salomon also integrates features that allow runners to efficiently use their shoes across multiple running disciplines. With the snug Sensifit blueprint and Endofit internals this shoe remains active on city trails as well as off road trails. By hugging the foot we could physically feel how this system works to keep your foot in complete unison with the shoe. It can best be compared to how a boot work with a binding or how a cleat works with a pedal.You can best describe this feature as an efficiency enhancer that keeps your feet feeling more fresh for a longer period of time.

QUICKLACE™ – Minimalistic and strong lace for one-pull tightening. Easy-on, easy-off. Ready for use right out of the box the Salomon lace is very user friendly. You can pull it much tighter than you can snug classic laces and can loosen its grasp faster than classic laces as well. Functioning as one unit, this system can take abuse from the elements without concern for ripping or fraying. They always pull tight smoothly and similar to the Lace Pocket they have been proven for years and years by the worlds top athletes.


The most impressive layers of the Sense Pro 2 are the upper mesh skeleton and Contagrip outsole. Salomon continues to bridge the gap between protection and feel with this surprisingly flexible rubber that works on both urban roads and dirt trails. The Contagrip uses a variety of small to medium sized lugs to keep traction in the dirt. This material and pattern gripped extremely well in the dry dirt and kicked through the clay without missing a step. The rubber itself seems to also adhere to rocks as these shoes have been hiked in multiple times without failure on the technical terrain. With their low weight and flexible structure we often enjoy the maneuverability of the Sense Pro 2 when trekking. Most runners will appreciate that the Sense Pro 2 hides the feeling of lugs very well. With the slightly increased heel and midsole height the shoe feels evenly balanced and exceptionally light all while maintaining your stability.

The Contagrip works hand in hand with the film that we described earlier in protecting your investment. Most rubbers that you find on running shoes can be expected to wear fairly quickly. Even with demanding use on the trails and road we haven’t recorded the cuts, tears and peeling that these surfaces can cause. Salomon Sense Pro 2 Review - Gearminded.comSalomon Sense Pro 2 Review - Gearminded.com

FRICTION FREE LACE EYELET – For quick and easy one pull lacing in all conditions. From sand, dirt and mud to water or snow these durable eyelets are manufactured to withstand abuse.

Cushion & Rebound Foam Mix:




  • We normally wear a size 10 running shoe which provides just enough toe room for comfort. The Sense Pro 2 fit true to size with slightly more length than most. We wouldn’t consider it enough to size down unless you prefer a snug toe box.


  • thanks for the great review! i have fairly narrow (male) feet. first sense pro was a good fit for me. (i did size down.) some have suggested the 2 is somewhat roomier. did you feel this was true? also some comments suggesting the shoe is stiffer than the original (which was a pretty stiff shoe already). did you find that to be the case?

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for the comment. I have a very narrow foot as well and noticed slightly more room in the toe box but not in the heel or arch area. I would stick with your previous sizing. Also, I can understand why some runners recorded greater stiffness due to the change in heel-toe offset and outer weatherproof coating. This was only felt during a short break in period as this shoe was still very flexible with a true ground feel beneath the foot.

      Hope this helps and thank you for reading!

  • Great review..
    I wonder if you can help?
    Im just finishing off my second pair of pro 1’s and have been using a 10.5, I half sized up because i ran a lot of 50-100 milers they have a roomy toe box but i do have broad feet and have never had a blister. im now stopping the long distances and getting into skyrunning and shorter more technical trails. Do you think the 2’s are a little snugger because i was considering going down to my regular 10 if i got another pair of 1’s..But the pro 2 has now arrived with the upgrades that i wanted so im a bit unsure. Ive tried sense ultra 4 but they were too narrow for me.

  • Hi Bradley,

    Thank you for the message regarding the Salomon Sense Pro 2!

    We are fans of the upgrades on the newer model Sense Pro. With a slightly more dramatic heel-to-toe offset the foot volume is controlled very well which might help with wider feet. With that said, the 2’s did feel snug for me and I have a medium volume foot. I did’t feel it in the toe box but rather in the side of the foot just before the forefoot on the side of my arches.

    With a bit more support than the Sense Pro I can’t say that this is a negative as some runner may welcome the added feel. The Sense Pro 2 still proved to be very flexible and took less than two runs to break in with a little added stretch.

    Please reach out if you have any more questions or need any more information on our review.

    Thank you!

    Gearminded Team

  • Any issue with the heel cup rubbing and causing blisters? I was getting a blister with the original model.


    • Great question!

      To be honest I didn’t notice any issues in the heel area at all. Since this model has a new offset you may find more comfort. It’s best to try them on for the feel in the arch area. This is where I had to allow for more break in.

      Feel free to reach out!

  • Hi,

    Can you tell me is there any majora difference between women’s and man’s model of sense pro 2…or just color samples? Thank you..

    • Hi There,

      Thank you for the question. It’s my understanding that men’s and women’s shoes are designed from different molds, each taking slightly different ergonomics and data into account. Therefore, I believe there are more differences than sizing alone. And since mean’s and women’s footwear is not a one-to-one sizing structure, it would be difficult to test this understanding. Have you called Salomon customer service to receive their feedback?

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