Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder

Pro Snowboarder Mark Carter leads a double life. In the offseason, he works on his family ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming tending to hundreds of head of cattle. But once winter hits, the cattle come into pasture and Mark hits the road to Jackson to shred lines in the Tetons. We rode with Mark throughout the transition as he rounded up 1,200 head on a family ranch and then set out to ride early splitboard lines with Bryan Iguchi and Travis Rice.

Carter’s snowboarding career has often been an uphill battle. In the video, he talks about the challenges he’s faced, especially after he and his brother were indicted on federal charges of illegal hunting on their property in 2011. Carter tells VICE Sports: “When everything is taken away from you and you think you’re gonna lose your freedom, your family’s gonna lose their freedom, my priorities are now totally different than they were before.”

-VICE Sports

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