Handcrafted with 1,000 Man Hours: Legacy Power Wagons

Legacy Power Wagons

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Legacy Power Wagons are handcrafted as the finest wagons available to collectors. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and authenticity, are never in question when looking at a truck restoration done by Legacy Power Wagons. If you are a true power wagon fan, you understand how rare these trucks are within the general population. Requiring over 1,000 man hours each, the involved restoration process is not something to overlook, especially when you learn that it only involves to head mechanics.

The Legacy Power Wagon Conversion. Arguably the world’s toughest and most beautiful truck ever created.

Handcrafted by artisan auto mechanics at Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is the truck for the serious collector looking to recreate the ruggedness and integrity of the American West.

With each Legacy Power Wagon Conversion requiring well over 1,000 hours, the Legacy Power Wagon has become one of the most coveted and sought-after trucks of today.

Legacy Power Wagon images by: Drew Phillips

08-legacy-power-wagon Dodge power wagon conversionLegacy Power Wagons

Welcome to the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion. The Gentleman’s Choice.


Think of a Dodge Power Wagon on steroids and you have the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion. Based on the most revered name in truck history, each Legacy Power Wagon Conversion begins with a completely restored Dodge Power Wagon.

Dodge power wagon conversion 043_Legacy_MG_0475 Dodge power wagon conversion

Legacy Classic Trucks, the boutique auto shop that handcrafts each truck, provides a complete restoration of a Dodge Power Wagon. After every nut and bolt is restored and the original aesthetics of the Dodge Power Wagon are reinstated, the truck is outfitted with the finest customizations and modernizations of today.

The end product is nothing short of an heirloom. A rare example of an icon revived and restored into something better than the original. With improvements made to the performance and without sacrifice to the integrity or simplicity of the original Dodge Power Wagon, the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is the truck for the gentleman that demands only the finest.


The Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is a highly coveted collectors item with only a handful created each year. Worldwide delivery is available.

View their available inventory or request a custom wagon of your own.

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