GoPro: The Jungle, The People, and The Fish That Could Save It All

We can learn from small communities as this video displays and employ their prates right here at home.

Growing up on the coast allowed me to spend a great deal of time on the water fishing with our local charters as a kid. At the time I couldn’t possible understand the importance of conservation and responsible practices. As I have aged and collected more wisdom I now understand how we need to move forward as an industry and community. Sport fishing has an ugly side of the business that can easily be masked with the beautiful imagery and experiences that are widely shared through social media. As we watch and learn from small developing areas that are crawling with bio diversity I truly believe that we can once again adopt more sustainable and highly beneficial practices. Take the next 15 minutes to watch this engaging video and let me know if you agree.

Join Dr. Lesley de Souza and the locals of Rewa Village as they study the massive Arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. If their studies show that these threatened giants of the river migrate into the flooded forests during the rainy season, they might just make a case against the deforestation and mining that jeopardize this beautiful jungle ecosystem and the culture of its inhabitants.

Filmed by Ship To Shore Productions

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Special thank you to Rewa Eco-Lodge ( including Managers Dicky Alvin, Rudy Edwards and guides Dennis Alvin, Rovin Alvin, Shun Alvin, Matt Breuer, Davis Edwards, Winston Edwards, Terry Haynes, all the Rewa villagers, and Mike McLeod.

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