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Traveling is an expensive hobby and when you finally save up enough funds to do something out of your ordinary you want every second of it to count. Today’s magazines and online media publications show these wild trips that serve as instant inspiration to stop what you are doing and go travel. With all of this bliss aside they often fail to show the behind the scenes operations that are required to make a successful trip. Fortunately for you H+I Adventures wants to make sure they you never do have to deal with the stress and hard work in putting your activities together.

The days of basecamp biking, where riders traverse the same stretch of mountain day in and day out, are over. Today’s travellers are searching for new ways to experience the world’s best mountain biking destinations, but without having to worry about complicated logistics and personal safety. On a guided adventure, riders can spend more time doing the things they love, like exploring remote singletrack, mastering their skills, sampling delicious local food, and meeting new friends. H+I Adventures, award-winning mountain biking specialists, share their top 5 reasons to go guided in 2016:

In-depth Destination Knowledge

Scotland Bike Tours Gearminded.com

H+I Adventures only works with highly skilled and personable local guides who know the destination from the inside out. From the trails and tales to the local flora and fauna and where to find the best pint, local guides know their patch better than anyone else. A great example of this can be seen in the Coast-to-Coast Scotland adventure, where years of personal guide experience and research have culminated in the creation of the ultimate point-to-point mountain bike ride. This challenging tour takes riders through some of the most remote areas of the Scottish Highlands, virtually void of human and bike traffic, where maps and GPS are no substitute for the expertise of local guides.

Time Saving

Scotland Guided Tour Gearminded.com

A guided tour’s turnkey convenience means that mountain bikers spend less time researching the nuts and bolts of trip planning and more time enjoying the experience. On an H+I trip, the best trails, accommodations, restaurants, bikes and local guides have already been scouted to get riders closer to the true character of the place. During the all-mountain Coast-to-Coast Scotland adventure, H+I has enlisted a very special transfer, a high-speed RIB (rigid inflatable boat), to take bikers along the coastline to the start of the next trail, avoiding a long, dull road stretch.


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Local guides know the unique trail conditions of the destination, distances between locations and what to avoid. They can better predict the impact of rapidly changing weather conditions and recommend safe short cuts if necessary. Going guided also means riders will be fully prepared to master technical sections of the trail, thus avoiding unnecessary injury. In addition, each H+I tour includes Global Rescue emergency evacuation services. In the event of an emergency, Global Rescue will be on-hand to provide skilled medical support and evacuation services.

Skill Improvement


Scotland MTB Trip

H+I guides are highly experienced and qualified mountain bike experts. They help riders through every stage of the journey, from sharing videos and pre-trip pointers to keeping the pace just right. For example, H+I Adventures’ Coast-to-Coast trip is designed to become progressively more technical throughout the course of the week. The team is on hand to coach riders through each new challenge, such as water bars, hike-a-bike and rocky descents.

Meet Other Adventurers

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H+I Adventures’ mountain biking tours are shared between like-minded people, with similar skill and fitness levels, from all over the world. Riders may start the week as strangers, but soon they’ll be working together as a team to help each other fix punctures, wade through rivers and dig deep to reach the top of that next climb. This sense of camaraderie extends beyond one, specific journey, as many past travellers return again and again for the H+I experience.

For more information, visit mountainbikeworldwide.com

H+ I Adventures specializes in premium mountain biking holidays. Based out of Inverness, Scotland, the company offers mountain biking trips in Namibia, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain, Yukon, Nepal, Ecuador and Whistler, with four destination trips in Scotland. They are committed to providing sustainable and responsible travel within the communities they visit. H+I Adventures is bonded by the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT)


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