Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2

8 Balance of value and tech

Innovation and technology is often looked at as the most exciting aspect of the cycling industry. Whether it results in a classic rig being transformed into a modern retro or a completely new concept coming to life after months of testing, cyclists enjoy new toys. Both racers and enthusiasts alike have jumped on the cyclocross scene and don’t show any signs of looking back. To say that the sport is challenging is an understatement yet this is the exact reason that it’s so alluring for the majority of riders. With participation at record levels brands such as Giant have no choice but to pour their expertise into developing the best bikes to attract the best racers. With this goal in mind they created an absolutely killer bike in the Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 that is guaranteed to keep your wallet happy. It’s a fact that we love gear and it’s also a fact that we love gear that provides a favorable cost vs performance relationship. Do the math and you will see that money ($2,350 to be exact) can buy happiness.



High-performance T-700 raw carbon fiber is used to produce custom composite material in Giant’s own composite factory. Extremely lightweight, stiff and compliant, these handcrafted frames feature the monocoque construction.


As the first manufacturer to bring the tapered headtube to market – with the 2006 Glory mountain bike – Giant knows a thing or two about inventing solutions for improved steering precision. The original OverDrive technology resulted in groundbreaking stiffness-to-weight ratios, and now Giant is doing it again with an all-new standard: OverDrive 2.


If you are simply seeking a gravel bike that can eat rough terrain for breakfast and still provide a smooth ride home on the pavement this bike features disc brakes, 135mm rear wheel spacing and a 15mm front thru-axle for increased stiffness.



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