Movement – an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed.

“a slight movement of the upper body”

The human body is naturally designed to accommodate the need to move. For many this need for movement is undermined by the lack of space and creativity in today’s office spaces that has resulted in a life based on the desk and chair. Some companies even get uber fancy with their ergonomic chairs that are said to enhance your posture and blood flow throughout the day. As great as this might sound scientists and doctors across the globe have some bad news for all of us. Whether we are sitting or even sitting pretty the lack of movement during our daily routine is having a negative impact on our health.


The team at FLUIDSTANCE has set out to change the way you move while in the office and we can now personally tell you that their invention is revolutionary.  Let us introduce you to the Level or what we like to refer to as the anti chair. The Level is patent-pending technology that elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. From your office desk, to the conference room, to the living room, it aims to provide a shift where you need it most – physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The Level is the perfect addition to a standing desk, gaming system, or classroom.

The Level comes in the shape of a very simple board that integrates a lower skeleton formed with a round contact point to lightly tilt back and forth on the ground below you as you balance your body weight on it. With the patent pending design and only slight curvature of the Level you quickly find yourself in a mental and physical flow.

Upon receiving our Level by FLUIDSTANCE we placed it directly on the floor in front of us and gave it a go. Although the majority of our office surfs, skates and snowboards we can assure you that this Level is not designed to be an extreme physical challenge. The lower frame or skeleton is perfectly manufactured to roll from side to side with your balance only a couple of inched off the ground. Our first impressions were most focused on the impressive quality and materials that FLUIDSTANCE sourced to make each device.  The introduction of the level released two models:

The Original Handmade Level

The Original Level is sand cast by hand in San Francisco using a “Green Sand Process” to limit waste and increase strength with .25″ walls of military-grade aluminum. This hand-casting process generates zero waste with the sand molds being recycled and excess aluminum trimmings that are placed back into the supply chain. The top deck is a solid half-inch of 3-ply bamboo made with low emissions, which has been milled in Goleta, CA and finished in Lompoc, CA, respectively. Additionally, the bamboo is protected by a finish that is GREENGUARD-certified. Final etching is completed within 5 miles of our offices in Santa Barbara.


Designed for use under 300 pounds.

26.5″ long x 12.2″ wide x 2.5″ tall, approximate weight: 10 lbs

$389.00 – Delivery in Late April

The American-Made Level

This deck is made in entirely in the U.S.A. The base has .190″ walls of die-cast recycled aluminum, produced in a solar-powered facility in California. All Scrap aluminum from the manufacturing process is recycled back into the supply chain to ensure there is zero waste in our casting process. The top deck is composed of one-half inch of real-wood laminate, with both top and bottom consisting of premium wood veneers. The entire product is then protected with a finish that is GREENGUARD Children and School certified. Available for delivery in late May.

Designed for use under 250 pounds.

26.5″ long x 12.2″ wide x 2.5″ tall, approximate weight: 7 lbs.

$289.00 – May Delivery



Within a few minutes of use we felt like experts on the level and were already spinning circles in front of our desks as we excitedly pushed our chairs to the corner. After spending so many years being constrained to only a chair the Level is a life changing addition. During our month long test we relied heavily on the Level to keep our energy levels up during the morning. There is something to be said for starting your day off standing. Similar to a machine, your body will always function more efficiently with a running start and the level provides you with the opportunity daily.

In addition to the obvious benefits there are numerous others that can be discussed to strengthen the case for purchasing a Level for personal use. (A few benefits are as follows)

  • Increased metabolism
  • Lower body muscle use
  • Increased balance
  • Mental stimulation

After a month of daily use we are true believers in the power of this new office device. From higher energy levels to simply having more fun while working the everyday office chair should be replaced with the Level.  Very minimal fatigue can be expected for already active users and for those who would like to use this device to begin a new workout routine you can expect a day filled with anticipation and increased calorie burn. We also recommend eating your lunch while using the Level to make more of your workday. As FLUIDSTANCE grows we hope that the already active companies can join in to help spread the importance of this invention. It will take some persuasion beyond the action sports and lifestyle industries to break the current mindset on acceptable work environments but with your participation we will all benefit.

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