FetchFuel Nutrition For Dogs

It’s no surprise that for many dedicated dog owners it’s never easy to force your four legged friend to take his or her nutrient supplements. Over the years scientists and vets have advertised the increasing importance for dogs to receive many of the same superfood supplements that humans heavily rely on. Of this long list the two that stand out from the crowd are Glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids. With the introduction of FetchFuel you can now share the health benefits of your diet with your furry best friend. Here at Gearminded we take our pets health seriously and only share products that we have shared with our very own pets as well. In addition, FetchFuel is so confident that their product will benefit your pet that it’s backed by a 100% guarantee.

When you get down to the facts most active dogs need enhanced nutrition to keep them healthy for the adventure life. From hiking, camping and swimming to our black lab Gracie’s favorite beach runs, it’s our responsibility to ensure that her diet is keeping her healthy as she ages. Throughout my lifetime I have become all too familiar with how devastating arthritis or skin deterioration can be to a once active dog and this is why we believe in using a simple supplement like FetchFuel.


As it stands you probably already purchase the most natural nutrient packed dog food that money can buy and ask what more can I do? Well with an action as simple as a squeeze you can provide your pup with 600mg of glucosamine and over 250mg of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Whether you have a small, medium or large dog chances are it’s never too early or late in their life to start caring for their joints and coat. With FetchFuel’s pre formulated gravy you can promote a happy and healthy dog without having to change their current diet. If you could enhance your own daily health without having to change your diet and could do so with a tasty yet easy to use supplement alternative wouldn’t you be interested? Gracie has been enjoying FetchFuel over her daily dog food for a couple of weeks now and won’t eat her dry food without it.

She happens to be my third Labrador retriever which means that sadly I am very aware of what happens to active dogs when their joints and bones succumb to arthritis while their coat and skin deteriorate with old age. Looking back we wish that we had a simple easy to use nutrient additive such as this. Gracie has been nothing less than stoked to see the FetchFuel bottle at dinner time and thinks she is getting a special treat every time the beef sauce smell fills her bowl. Little does she know that she is also gobbling down nutrients that will allow her to travel with us longer into the future. At 9 years of age we have tried and trashed many other supplements due to her incredibly sensitive stomach. So far FetchFuel has been easy on her digestive system and has been a great alternative to pills or powder.

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