Feedback Sports Pro Elite With Tote

As a former bike mechanic, I have spent many long hours in front of a work stand. Countless hours of lifting bikes one handed into a park tool stand, using the other to close the clamp has left me with a permanent muscle imbalance. After leaving the bike shop, I was forced to do all of my bicycle maintenance upside-down, on my living room floor. There is only so much one can accomplish working upside down. Simply put, bike stands are the corner stone to any mechanic or avid rider’s garage and this is where Feedback Sports comes in.

Feedback sports has been manufacturing bicycle stands in Golden, Colorado since 2008. The rider-centered company currently manufactures 8 different ‘pro level’ work stand/stand options, including a variety of stand accessories including bottle openers because after all, this is the bike industry. The stands are all made from red anodized, aluminum tubing that will not rust when subjected to the elements.


The Feedback Sports Pro Elite work stand features four points of articulation- one to open the arms of the stand, one to adjust the height, one to adjust the clam arm angle, and one to clamp the seat post. Upon removing the stand from its tote bag—which is so convenient— I immediately noticed how light the stand was. It was easy to pick up, open and set up. The base of the stand is approximately three and a half feet wide, which provides ample support for a bike of any weight. (According to Feedback Sports’ website, the stand can hold up to 85lbs, and it supported my 23lb mountain bike with ease.) Another feature I appreciated in the Feedback Sports Pro Elite stand was that it was adjustable up to 71”. Often times, I find it hard to work on my bike in conventional work stands, because they are too low. Considering that I am 6’3, I was definitely happy to expand the stand to its maximum height.


As mentioned earlier, the stand has 4 points of adjustability. On the pivot arm, the right hand knob tightens the stand arm quickly and effectively. Once the bike was in the stand, the arm stayed straight and held the bike far enough away from the base of the stand, with no slipping. Everyone who has worked on a bike in the stand hates when pedals hit the base of the stand, and I am happy to say that there was none of that with the Pro Elite Stand.

While the stand itself is phenomenal— light weight, durable, easy to set up— the most important feature is the clamp mechanism. As I alluded to earlier, one of the most annoying parts of placing a bike in a work stand is trying to adjust the clamp. It always results in a one arm bike curl. With the Feedback Sports Pro Elite stand, that is not an issue.


The stand’s clamp slides shut with a simple push, and the outer knob locks down the clamp. When going to release the clamp, all you have to do is simply push the red triangle and the clamp springs open. This is by far one of the best and most helpful inventions in bicycle maintenance. Overall, the Feedback Sports Pro Elite bike stand is the at home mechanics best friend. It is light, easy to use, and features an ingenious clamp design. Storage capabilities are not an issue with this stand as both the feet and arms fold away cleanly to fit into a closet or under the bed. If you are like us your premium work stand is a valuable piece of furniture worth displaying.

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