Experience Iceland on a BMW 700 GS

Iceland is a place of extreme beauty. Its vastness is tough to comprehend and for the average traveler, it’s even more difficult to explore. The terrain is unforgiving at times and can require the most technical gear to access. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and it’s called a BMW GS. The adventure riding crowd has long been traversing magnificent landscape and yet it never gets old. From panorama riding shots to aerial drone footage, these bikes simply look at home in Iceland.

Inspring travel and exploration is what we do here at Gearminded. When we come across others who are working towards the same goal every day we can’t help but support their vision. It’s not easy to make a promise to yourself in life that will ultimately change the way your future plays out. But when you choose to actually live life rather than do what others expect of you, something magical happens. It’s up to you to find out what this it!

Alex Chacon – My 8 day adventure of riding a BMW 700 GS around the Ring Road of Iceland, across ice fields, glaciers, arctic tundra, volcanoes and breathtaking waterfalls!

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