Northern Lake Tahoe company, AnyBowl, LLC., born out of a communal love for pets and an affinity for the environment, is pleased to announce the launch of Eddy Bowl — a convenient, portable, reusable, recyclable, sustainably sourced water bowl for pets.

Made out of 100 percent bamboo fiber and coated with PLA, a plant-based, waterproof film derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch; tapioca roots, chips, or starch; and sugarcane, The Eddy Bowl does not contain any harmful plastics, silicones, or chemicals harmful to the environment or pets. Its plant-based makeup makes it completely recyclable.

Living in North Lake Tahoe where we are reminded daily that our natural resources can be taken away almost instantaneously and eco-conscious practices are strongly encouraged I knew the Eddy Bowlwould be well received, said Carol Piechocinski, President & Founder for AnyBowl, LLC. ³Here in Tahoe where the community is keen on preserving the environment, outdoor activities abound, and dog owners are the majority of the population the need for a convenient, reusable, and earth friendly pet bowl was a givenŠthus the Eddy Bowl was born.

The Eddy Bowl takes the hassle out of hydrating your pet and can be used time-and-time again before having to be recycled. It¹s slim, sleek, and compactable design makes it easy to fold up and stow away unlike other bulky plastic or canvas bowls that are likely to get left behind.

EddyBowl Food Bowl

Measuring only 7.75 inches long and 1.75 inches wide the Eddy Bowl is the most compact and lightweight dog bowl on the market. It can easily be packed into a backpack or purse, and when folded in half, slipped into a pocket or wallet. When opened, the Eddy Bowl fits perfectly into the palm of a hand. Its next-to-nothing weight, four grams to be exact, makes it convenient for pet lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to take it along when traveling, camping, or hiking with their furry four-legged friend.

The Eddy Bowl was designed with all pups in mind too! Tiny, small, medium, and large ­ the Eddy Bowl’s shape and size make it easy for all dogs to drink with comfort and ease.

While the Eddy Bowl is believed to be 100 percent biodegradable, AnyBowl, LLC., has plans to soon have the product tested at the Organic Waste Systems in Ohio for official certification.

Currently the Eddy Bowl is being sold in three-packs ($9.99) and 10-packs ($29.99) exclusively online at www.EddyBowl.com. Additionally, it can be found at a handful of local Tahoe-based retailers and pet stores including New Moon Natural Foods, Tahoe Central Market, Tahoe Mountain Sports, Scraps, Hot Diggity Dog and Cat, and Pet Station a chain with six locations in the Reno/Tahoe area. Plans to collaborate with larger nationwide outdoor retailers and brands are currently in the works.

For more information on the Eddy Bowl please visit, www.EddyBowl.com

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