Discover Chile

Are you looking to get some powder in the summer? Look no further than south of the equator! When looking for breathtaking mountain peaks and sun-drenched mountainous landscapes, it doesn’t get much better than Chile, Often overlooked due to the popularity of adventure destinations such as Patagonia, the mountains of Chile offer everything you need and more. As if the wide open mountain faces weren’t enough to temp you, the sheer panoramic views that you get while bombing down the side of the most beautiful peaks in South America will have you crying tears of joy.

Need a few reasons to make Chile your next summer vacation? From a resort feel in Portillo, to more exclusive backcountry trips in Pucon, there is a mountain for every rider traveling to Chile for some summer boarding.

  1. Portillo
  2. Santiagos Tres Valles
  3. Nevados De Chillan
  4. Corralco
  5. Pucon

Of course, COLLAB FILMS created this stunning look at snowboarding in South America that should solidify your travel plans for next year. Let’s Discover Chile with Jake Blauvelt.

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