Chasing The Distance Film Release

Chasing the Distance is a four-minute film about Rob Krar, one of ultrarunning’s fastest-rising stars. It’s a personal look into the lives of Krar and Christina Bauer, his wife and running partner, and the couple’s deep connection to the land within the proposed Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument in Arizona.
Krar’s recent success has been astounding. Though he only began ultrarunning in 2012, he can already count among his accomplishments the fastest known times for single and double crossings of the Grand Canyon as well as wins at the prestigious Western States 100 and Leadville 100 races.
The proposed Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument would conserve nearly 2 million acres surrounding Grand Canyon National Park, protecting an extraordinary landscape that harbors countless sacred cultural sites and natural treasures for future generations. Though intimately connected with the well-being of Grand Canyon National Park and the health of local communities and economies, this area remains at risk from threats such as toxic uranium mining. A national monument designation would permanently protect the region. Take action at

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