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Smith PivLock Arena Max

Smith PivLock Arena Max With Purple Sol

It wasn’t long ago that we enjoyed some quality riding time with the Smith PivLock Arena cycling sunglasses. If you remember, we found these glasses to have an impressive feature set with…

MindShift Gear Ultralight 36L

MindShift Gear Ultralight 36L Photo Backpack

MindShift Gear’s UltraLight Dual 36L Photography Daypack Overview The MindShift UltraLight Dual 36L is a well designed photography daypack giving much attention to detail. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and versatile. It is made to…


LifeStraw Go In The Sespe Wilderness

I recently had the opportunity to backpack through the Sespe Wilderness on an adventure looking for a much needed natural  hot springs.  Forty miles in four days, crossing through streams on our…

Seagull Nightshift V2 Pack

Seagull Nightshift V2

The Nightshift V2 backpack from Seagull bags is a dynamic piece of gear that has the durability to take on all of our challenges. Within minutes of holding the bag we knew…

Adidas Outdoor Boost Urban Hiker

Adidas Outdoor Boost Urban Hiker

Whether you are an avid hiker or cuffed denim wearing urban commuter the Adidas Boost Urban Hiker is one fashion forward pair of boots that will turn heads. I was literally on…

Pearl Izumi Women's N2

2016 Pearl Izumi Women’s E:Motion N2

New Year’s resolutions are upon us all and there is a good chance that practicing better fitness is on your list. Even if you already exercise like a champ there is always…