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The Camping Giveaway

Imagine a world where you are rewarded for camping. A world where your outdoor adventures can win you brand new gear to fuel your next camping trip. has turned our dreams into a reality with their all new system for gathering campground reviews. The Dyrt is on a mission to make getting outdoors easier for everyone and is set up to revolutionize the way campers search for their next adventure. With so many places to camp across the U.S. and even more campers themselves, this new tool will eliminate the need for hours of research and planning when looking for a new trip idea.

In its early stages we are seeing first hand that the outdoor community has been awaiting a platform that rewards them for their time and knowledge. In a more organic way The Dyrt is allowing everyone the chance to become an influencer in their own right as they discover and share new campgrounds across America.

Realistic Reviews

Campground Reviews

Aside from the review itself this new website is acquiring user generated photo content daily. We all know that pictures are worth a thousand words and seeing is believing. As I visit the site on a regular basis I can attest that the quality of content being submitted is very good. The concept behind “know before you go” is truly coming to life. Although inspirational, Instagram photos rarely tell the whole truth of how a destination looks which can greatly affect the overall camping experience for visitors.

All of the contests are organized by states allowing you as the participant to find your optimal reward by the state that it’s associated with. Since 10 winners are chosen from each state driven contest it’s absolutely an incentive to share high quality reviews from your very own backyard. If you are already a weekend warrior and find yourself crossing state lines on a regular basis than you can easily submit reviews in multiple contests to further your chances of winning.

Free Local Knowledge

“Locals only” is quickly becoming a saying of the past as tourism drives reward with The Dyrt. The locals often know their backyard better than anyone and this new review site is unlocking this information for all to search and explore. From learning about what campsites offer the best views or amenities to what not to do when visiting a particular area, local knowledge is key. The best detail in all of this is it’s low cost of FREE.

$100,000 Great Camping Giveaway

The Great Camping Giveaway

In order to launch this revolutionary idea The Dyrt is kicking off the summer with the enormous goal to collect user-generated content of every campground in the United States, and its competitive $100,000 Great Camping Giveaway game will be the vehicle for success.

With 1000 $100 gift cards up for grabs, now is the perfect time to submit your latest review.

*The top 10 reviewers in each contest at the end of July, August, and September win.

*Each month, winners are announced and the leaderboards are reset, giving everyone a fresh      chance to participate in the monthly contests!

What we like most about the Great Camping Giveaway is that the model here is simple and straightforward with no strings attached. The more you review the more you can win yet quality is valued more than quantity. As you collect more points for the reviews you submit you are rewarded for providing photos and sharing the review with your current social community.  With this detail The Dyrt is ensuring that only useful travel infuriation is being distributed. Furthermore, to participate in this fun all you have to do is sign up with basic information and start sharing your reviews. There aren’t any membership qualifications or sign up fees whatsoever.

The Great Camping Giveaway Point System

1. Write a detailed review on your campsite experience and earn 2 points

2. Write a detailed review on your campsite experience with photos and earn 3 points

3. Write a detailed review on your experience with photos and share it on social to earn 5 points

As you acquire more points you can quickly find yourself on the Glory Board as a leader and trusted reference for campers seeking advice across the country. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a park ranger this may be your best chance!

Check out the current leader board to scope out the competition and get started with a review!

The All Time Leaderboard (AKA Glory Board)

The Dyrt is offering a rare opportunity to win $100 gift cards from top notch outdoor industry brands for simply sharing your camping reviews. The better that your reviews are and more you share them the more opportunities you will have at wining big. The next time that you go camping don’t forget to take photos. As you share your new reviews you can also share your quality photos and further increase your points accumulation and chances at winning. With the websites daily growth, campers are quickly gaining access to local knowledge that might otherwise cost money. We traditionally enjoy saving the best information for last and this topic is no different. The Dyrt is completely FREE for users!

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