Cadence Raw Denim: Commuter Fashion

With only an 8-mile distance separating myself from the office I often feel guilty for using the car as my main form of transportation. Yes there are those days where time gets away from me and I need to get to work faster then a human can possibly pedal. For the rest of my time I rely on my bike to get me to and from the office. Now, when you work around other professionals you often need to meet a certain dress code expectation that can’t be met with any of the lycra that I own. Fortunately for us we now have the Cadence Raw Denim to pedal around in and we haven’t looked back since.


Cadence was started as the originator of cycling denim and over the past years has truly embraced what it means to design cycling lifestyle apparel. “Functional for cycling” as Cadence designer Dustin Klein describes it is the foundation of the brands denim. What’s most impressive about this brand you may ask? They embody a no nonsense approach to their design and manufacturing and after riding in their denim for over a month I would be hard pressed to buy anything other than what Cadence has to offer.

The Raw denim is constructed around a 32” inseam, which means that it will be a snug, slim fit pant. It’s not enough to simply stitch together a tight fitting pair of jeans and praying that they feel good on the bike. To alter the feel of raw denim Cadence added a small percentage of lycra to the mix for just the right amount of flex. What we noticed when riding this blend was the comfortable support that raw untreated denim provides mixed with a slight stretch for your constant movement. Personally I appreciated how the denim returned to form after riding. As Dustin explained on the brands product page, raw denim is normally stiff at first but we think you will appreciate the extra form and support that it adds.


Commuters across the globe can testify to the abuse that their denim must endure while on the saddle. From riding styles to the specific environment that you are in there are so many variables that work against your gear. With function for cycling in mind Cadence came to the table with a few more design characteristics to strengthen their raw denim. Built by cyclists the patented Cadence seat reinforcement adds a layer of defense from blowout or torn seams. From our first ride these jeans have been so comfortable that never think about how many pedal rotations or slides down the saddle these jeans have been through. With Cadence you literally get to throw them on, ride them, wear them and never have to worry about them.


As raw untreated denim wears as it naturally stretches slightly to accommodate the forces placed on it. To ensure that this has no effect to your belongings the Cadence denim comes equipped with double layer pockets. So go ahead and stuff your pants as the wallet and keys won’t be going anywhere on your commute. As a cyclist it’s important that I explain why I appreciate the stiff natural feel of this raw denim and therefore lack of plushness or soft stretch. When you ride you need support and when your out in public or at work you want to look good. The rawness of this pant provides a stiff yet soft shell that work with your legs rather than against them and also provides a form fit look that would only come from a $300 pair of designer jeans. I have ridden into work multiple times and started my day only to be greeted with “wow you changed quickly” or “ hey man, I’m digging the new jeans”. Tonight is a great example as I ran errands on the bike this morning in my Cadence denim and will wear them out to a dinner gathering and will likely receive compliments on their looks, as they are incredibly functional and versatile.

If you are an active cyclist and need a trusty yet fashionable pair of denim we urge you to try on a pair from Cadence.


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