Cadence Pinehurst Wind Jacket

Cycling exposes us to the elements. We are exposed, abused by and humbled by in-climate weather on rides. I have started many rides at sea level, adventured up mountains or though valleys and suddenly found myself in need of a wind jacket— thus, “to bring it or not to bring it, that is the question.” I often opt out of bringing a jacket, in favor of bringing another bottle or more food, in my jersey pockets. While I am not a true “weight weenie,” I do prefer to ride as light as possible and so when it comes to jackets, they stay at home most of the year.

The Cadence Pinehurst jacket, however, has quickly been the exception to my rule. The jacket is ultralight weight, weighing around 50g. It expands to fit each size comfortably, and packs down to a fist sized pouch, perfect for saddle bags or jersey pockets. My immediate reaction was that I valued the jacket for its packable size and light weight. I currently own a few wind/rain cycling jackets that feel like just— a jacket. Although hey keep me dry I have very few options for how to carry the garment when things heat up or the weather clears. Riding is about comfort both physically and mentally and the Cadence Pinehurst was more than just a comfortable jacket.  The lightweight nature of the Pinehurst jacket allows it to feel like a shell while still providing protection from the wind/rain. We used to accept the fact that warmth meant increased weight but with this jacket the equation has changed.


While out for an afternoon-evening ride, I brought the Pinehurst Jacket along for some hard miles on the trail. When I stated the ride, there was minimal wind, and it was a dry 60-65 degrees. The ride lasted a few hours, and by the time I was finished, wind had picked up, and the temperature had dropped 10 degrees. After riding for a few hours, my sweat turned cold in the wind, and I was in desperate need of a jacket. Enter the Pinehurst Jacket, by Cadence. The jacket, although ultra light weight, did a phenomenal job of keeping me warm. The DWR treated exterior blocked all the cool wind, and the ventilated back kept me cool and allowed enough heat to escape. The jacket also features elastic cuffs that remained tight, and allowed me to retain more heat through the arms. Altogether, the jacket kept me warm and blocked any chilling wind. most importantly my attention remained on the trail in from of me and not on the weather conditions.


After repeated use, on commutes and on group road rides, I’ve grown dependent on the Pinehurst Jacket. It is light weight, reliable, and extremely efficient at retaining heat/blocking wind. I’m happy to say it hasn’t left my saddle bag or my jersey pocket since I was able to get my hands on it.


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