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Cadence Collection Gloves -

When your on the bike, style is everything these days. Whether you’re bombing your favorite trail or getting sideways on the track it’s never a crime to look a bit flashy. After all, it’s a safety feature that has evolved from the ever so sick yellow safety vest of the past.

Cadence Collection is already well known for their lifestyle cycling apparel that speaks to the cyclist who places an emphasis on functional yet fashion forward streetwear. Ever since we first discovered their Raw Cycling Denim we haven’t been able to resist their new apparel.Everything that they create is done so with the cyclist in mind, from fit to function and finally durability. It’s all a part of a specific culture and once you are seen with a pair of their new Cadence Establish Cycling Gloves you will understand what it’s all about.

These new gloves inspire confidence while proving that detail in design and quality in material usage always wins.

Cadence Collection Gloves -

Cadence Establish Cycling Glove Specs:

  • Full-fingered glove
  • Specially placed grip at fingers for brakes and bars
  • Integrated “screen touch” finger & thumb
  • Elastic velcro closure
  • Reflective cuff detail for low light visibility
  • Custom print detailing on palm

This new accessory from Cadence Collection has all riding types in mind as it works exceptionally well on the trails and also keeps your hands warm and protected in traffic. We have been riding our pair on all of our trail rides and not only have they held up exceptionally well but they have also been very comfortable. These gloves have an impressive amount of detail and utilize multiple materials to form a super functional package.

This full fingered design uses a robust and strong garden glove like material on the palms and fingers. What’s special about this material is the way it’s incorporated into this glove. Cadence has appeared to modify this normally rough material to be unusually plush yet remarkably flexible. The placement on these gloves helps protect your palms from the dirt pending a fall and also works to help grasp your brake levers without slippage. It felt soft right out of the packaging for how well it resisted abrasion on the trails and fits snug to your hand without irritation. Another detailed point of interest can be found on the pointer finger and thumb of each glove. A special material that works through touch screen sensitivity makes dialing your phone completely possible while wearing these. We discovered this on accident as I texted my fiancé during a ride and had to do a double take to realize what I had just accomplished on the fly.

Cadence Collection Glove -

Cadence Collection

For anyone that is concerned about breathability, Cadence has chosen a jersey material for the top of the glove to promote consistent airflow while keeping the gloves very lightweight. A healthy dose of suede on the inside of the wrist has been sewn into the Establish Glove and works well for clearing perspiration from your shades or face. The last and possibly the most noticeable feature can be found on the palms of each glove. Make sure to look at the pictures above and see if you can identify this without our explanation.

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