BlenderBottle ProStak Review

10 Snap your cap, and shake

Normally we enjoy introducing the gear that we review out in the field as a new product that you may not be familiar with. In this case the Blender Bottle ProStak needs no introduction. We have been using a standard Blender Bottle for over a year now and haven’t looked back since.  The 22oz BPA free ProStak takes the cake as a do it all travel shaker for the avid fitness guru.

The design behind this bottle/ball combo can be best related to a standard whisk and bowl. For us at Gearminded it all starts with the blender ball. This little whisk has yet to fail us when mixing our protein and pre workout formulas. From chunky chocolate powder to our green smoothie supplements we can honestly say you won’t mix it any better than this thing can unless you go electric. Best of all, this method is nearly silent compared to its electric counterpart. A simple yet effective whisk ball removes all clumps and provides a very smooth drink whether it’s water milk or juice.


Working in unison with the blender ball is the 100% leak proof screw on lid and snap flip cap. The screw on lid does a fantastic job of securing your liquid contents during shaking. The threads of the design are bit larger than most bottles which keeps your drink from slowly leaking through the cracks. The snap flip cap literally snaps into place to ensure that you are ready to shake away.  What are you waiting for, snug down the top and snap your cap.

What sets this bottle apart from the competition is a unique ProStak integration. Even the everyday fitness enthusiast needs more than just one form of liquid. With two fully separate jars the ProStak can carry a plethora of supplements or snacks. We found this feature to be priceless for the work week as used to carry our supplements in plastic bags as needed. As if there wasn’t enough storage space you also receive a pill organizer that fits perfectly inside of the two removable plastic jars.  The ProStak jars twist onto each other and the main cup in one smooth motion and remain in place during even the most intense shaking.  We dare you to try and “shake it off”.


Overall we haven’t tested a better bottle and protein mixer to date. With months of use and a BPA free dishwasher safe cup this Blender bottle hasn’t retained any odors or residue whatsoever. In addition to all of these user friendly features you can order your Blender Bottle ProStak in a wide variety of color options to seamlessly fit your lifestyle.


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