Bixxis Creates A Steel Prima Donna

Bixxis Prima Steel Bike

Prima is the very first steel-frame model crafted by Bixxis, the brand of Italian handmade bicycles founded by the experienced Italian frame builder Doriano De Rosa and his daughter Martina. 

The Bixxis Prima model distinguishes itself thanks to its original and unique design solutions. For instance, it features the X-Stays™ System, a design solution within theproprietary tube set created by Doriano De Rosa and produced by Columbus exclusively for Bixxis. 

X-Stays™ tubes are designed to enhance the performance of Prima’s bottom bracket area under the pedal strokes – giving the cyclist such well-regarded advantages, such as less energy dispersion and an improved bike performance on the ground.

Bixxis Handmade Bikes

Prima includes also some “tasty” details like special dropouts and integrated headtube, both obtained from one single piece of steel through a CNC-controlled machine.

The bicycle is 100% handmade in Italy at the Bixxis workshop at Seregno, near Milan by Doriano De Rosa through TIG welding, so that the tubes weight is reduced at the minimum, while guaranteeing an unprecedented endurance over time.

Prima embodies the Bixxis philosophy – Doriano De Rosa explains – for I have designed and built a very classic racing bike that will never go out of fashion. That is why it is built to last.”

Prices vary according to components mounted onto the frame. “We want to give extensive freedom to our clients. – Doriano says – That is why every Prima is different: each bike has to meet the cyclist’s needs and desires. Besides a made-to-measure steel frame, we studied a vintage yet contemporary palette of colors and selected a wide range of accessories from the best brand on the market”.


Bixxis will present Prima at the upcoming NAHBS (North American Handmade Bicycle Show) that will open its doors in Sacramento, Calif., USA, from Friday 26 Feb. through Sunday 28 Feb. 2016.

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