Award Winning Film “The Cove” Paves Way For “Racing Extinction”

A Story of Support

Founded in 2005 by photographer and avid diver Louie Psihoyos, OPS is dedicated to building a healthy future for the world’s oceans by deepening the connections between people and nature. Their central focus is the disappearing world. Current research shows that 19% of the world’s reefs have been lost due to degradation, and as many 27,000 species are lost every year.

OPS uses storytelling and social media to educate, inspire and empower the global

community to become change agents—people actively engaged in saving and preserving the oceans, endangered species and our planet.

Their most recent project, Racing Extinction, steadies the lens on the many ways humanity has changed the planet, and suggests what we can do as individuals to help save species around the world from extinction.

The organization’s first film, The Cove, garnered over 70 awards globally, including the Oscar® for Best Documentary in 2009. More important, the movie inspired more than 1.3 million people across the globe to take action, urging leaders to end the dolphin slaughter in Japan.

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