Appleman Bicycles Builds Super Light Fatbike

Appleton Bicycles Fatbike
On display at NAHBS 2016: Appleman Bicycles has built a 1000 gram (2.2 pound) carbon fiber fat bike frame, the lightest in the galaxy. Built with proprietary carbon fiber tubing the frame was made for HED Cycling to highlight their 24-inch fat bike wheels. Frame size is 16.5″ for a rider that is 5’7″. The complete bike weighs 20 pounds 6 ounces and doesn’t use any exotic uber-light parts.
“Weight has never been a driving factor in my frame designs,” said Appleman Bicycles owner/framebuilder Matt Appleman. “Weight is a result of matching the frame stiffness, geometry, and ride characteristics to the rider.”
Custom engineered tubing is at the root of every Appleman frame. Drawing on his degree in Composite Materials Engineering Appleman designs a unique tube set for each customer.
Appleton Bicycles
Appleman Bicycles continues to refine frames by adding oval shaped tubing. The ovalized top and down tubes add significant stiffness, increase comfort, and decrease weight over previous generations of Appleman tubing. “It’s important to note that there are many different kinds of stiffness in a frame and in a tube,” said Appleman. “There’s torsional, tensile, compressive, and shear stiffness’ that are taken into account when designing frame stiffness. It’s the combination of of these different types of stiffness that allow me to deeply customize the ride of a frame.” All frames displayed at NAHBS this year will feature the new generation of tubing.
NAHBS 2016
“I’m very excited to be exhibiting at NAHBS this year! I continue to refine my frames, design, and processes and that can bee seen through my bikes at the show,” says Appleman.
On display in the Appleman Bicycles booth, #631, will be an ultimate gravel grinder and a super speedy road bike. Both bikes will showcase Appleman’s raw, no-paint aesthetic and non-traditional logo materials wood, titanium, and brass.
HED will display the Appleman fat bike in booth #519 along with their wheel offerings.
How to order:
Appleman Bicycles is a one-man shop that builds custom carbon fiber frames in Minnesota. With a degree in Composites Materials Engineering, Matt Appleman constructs fully custom frames with a unique, structural aesthetic. Bikes are built with knowledge and know-how, not marketing hype.
Contact Matt Appleman, matt@applemanbicycles.com763-232-9584, 6333 Cambridge Street, Unit 102, Saint Louis Park, MN 55416

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