A Quick Slope Style Lesson From GoPro

The snow is falling, you’ve waxed your skis or snowboard, you unwrapped a shiny new GoPro this holiday season, and now you are ready to tackle the mountain, capturing every moment of snow-shredding fun. Your goggles are on, coat is zipped…Now what?

  • Start with 1080p resolution–while it may not be the highest resolution setting, it is ultra versatile, offers an array of frame rates, and looks great on Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Introduce your setting
  • Introduce the character (you!) with some selfies
  • Shoot at 120fps with your HERO4 Black to get the most dramatic slow motion
  • For head-mounted shots, use 60fps
  • Handheld shots can be shaky, so bump up your frame rate (60+fps) to smooth it out in post-production
  • End your video on a high note!

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